111 orphans celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs at the Western Wall in Jerusalem last week.

The first such gathering was held in 1992, when Colel Chabad initiated the mass Bar Mitzvah – as they first did so in 1992. This year marks the fifth group Bar Mitzvah of this kind – and 111 marks the 111 years since the Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi was born.

The program continued at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, followed at the Kotel with the laying of tefillin and their first time being called up to the Torah.The program was sponsored by many donors of Colel Chabad, including Ron Hershco, and is part of the Chesed Menachem Mendel Orphan Support Project which takes place throughout the year.

Each bar mitzvah boy also received clothing and new shoes – as they were given tefillin and talises with their names on it.  They also received matzoh for Passover, books, games, and gifts to give to their mothers. Attendees included members of the Knesset as well as important Rabbis, including Rabbi Binyomin Lipkin, Rabbi Sholom Duchman, Rabbi Mendi Blau, Rabbi Amram Blau, Rabbi Yitzhok Michaan; and others.

For nearly 225 years, said Rabbi Menachem Traxler of Colel Chabad, the agency has been doing “one thing and one thing only — providing meaningful material help to Israel’s poorest, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or degree of religious observance.”

To become a supporter of Colel Chabad, as is Ron Hershco, please visit this supporter page for Colel Chabad: http://www.colelchabad.org/Supporter_Profile.bp

SOURCE http://www.jewocity.com/blog/111-orphans-have-bar-mitzvahs-at-western-wall/7988

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