Israeli technology company Magic Software recently announced that BNP real estate would use its key eBroker sales application using the Magic xpa Application Platform. The new application allows all information about the company’s real-estate assets to be used by all of BNP Real Estate salespeople.

In addition to desktop access, salespeople can now access the application on their iPads while in the field. The application fully complies with the BNP Paribas Group’s security policy since connections are made using a highly secure RSA authentication token, data transits via 3G network or by Wi-Fi, and the IS Department implemented a new mobile device infrastructure.

“Technology is always changing in real estate and much like other industries, Israeli software assists many companies with their needs.  Real estate and technology in Israel are both booming industries,” said Ron Hershco of Hershco Properties.

“Magic is proud of our close working relationships with our customers. By understanding BNP Real Estate’s specific needs we were able to guide them use to leverage Magic xpa’s RIA technology,” said Eric Choppe, the Managing Director of Magic.


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