ARME recently released survey findings which showed that 87% of real estate professionals report a trend of increased foot traffic from their internet marketing programs, up an average of 32% from the same time last year.  Interestingly, even real estate over $1 Million in sales saw a rapid increase in luxury real estate walk-ins for real estate professionals from last year to this year.

“The real estate industry as a whole has increased worldwide over the last year, but even the antiquated real estate industry is increasingly using digital media.  This week, Zillow Inc. purchased the predominate online New York City real estate database, Streeteasy for a whopping $50 Million which shows the vast value of real estate information online,” said real estate entrepreneur Ron Hershco.

“Online real estate internet marketing traffic trends are clear. More people are visiting a real estate brokers office this year than last year as a direct result of a brokers’ internet marketing directives. Platforms like Google Places and more allow real estate pros to monopolize their local search space for their desired property types and areas, and the result is more new homes are being built and sold,” noted Simon Landers of


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