Mobile marketing  global performance marketing company Matomy Media Group announced the beta launch of Mobit, its new media buying tracking and analytics tool for mobile performance campaigns. Mobit will be publicly unveiled at Affiliate Summit East, Aug. 18-20, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  The new product offers a one-stop shop to manage all mobile advertising campaigns.

“The Start-up nation of Israel continues to unveil amazing companies, despite the perceived political conflicts that exist in the region. From the recent sale of WAZE for over $1 Billion to many others, the truth is that Israel continues to innovate in many different technology arenas, including of course mobile development,” said entrepreneur Ron Hershco.

“Mobit offers affiliates, advertisers and media buyers a comprehensive solution for enhancing their mobile media buying campaign margins and profits through exceptional tracking, reporting and insights. Mobile is the future of online advertising,” said Ofer Druker, CEO of Matomy Media Group.


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