The CyberTech 2014 conference and exhibition will provide a platform for dozens of major companies alongside young startups, on January 27-28 at the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center. The exhibition will be opened by the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, accompanied by other speakers who will take part and lecture in the exhibition: Gil Swaid CEO and founder of CheckPoint, Steven Mills Senior Vice President of IBM, Brian Palma Senior Vice President of Cisco, Art Coviello Vice President of EMC, Eugene Kaspersky Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Labs, and many other senior executives.

Taking part in the conference, alongside those mentioned above, are senior officials of the Israeli information security and cyber industry, including: Dr. Evyatar Matanya Head of the National Cyber Bureau, Rami Efrati Director of the Civilian Division in the Bureau, Yoav Tzruya Partner at JVP, Orna Berry Vice President of EMC, Rick Kaplan General Manager of IBM Israel, Erez Kreiner CEO of Cyber-Rider and Yoram Hacohen, the former Head of The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA).

Alongside the exhibition, sessions will be held discussing trends and developments at the forefront of cyber technology, with the participation of many seniors of the global cyber industry. The conference and exhibition is organized by IsraelDefense, in sponsorship with the National Cyber Bureau, and will be attended by delegations from around the globe – United States, Britain and dozens of countries from Asia, Europe, South America and Australia. All this is done in order to bring together the cyber community, for the benefit of mutual learning and the promotion of cyber defense technologies.

“Israeli companies continue to innovate in many areas of technology, and this conference is a unique 1st of its kind event sure to attract major international attention,” said entrepreneur Ron Hershco.

Among the companies taking part in the exhibition: CheckPoint, IBM, Verint, Cisco, Symantec, Kaspersky, Vemma, JVP, Elbit Systems and more.

During the conference, JVP, one of Israel’s leading venture capital funds, is expected to announce the Cybertition – the first ever Israeli cyber-security competition to identify the most promising idea for a new cyber security startup. The winner will receive a $1 million investment to kick start the development of the company. The Cybertition offers aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to fast-track the standard deal flow process and secure a spot in JVP Cyber Labs – JVP’s early stage investment vehicle dedicated to cyber-security startups.

“This competition allows startups at the earliest stage of development, even with just an idea, to access the guidance, expertise and networks necessary to build global, market-leading companies. It’s a chance to ‘fast-forward’ a startup with a concept that can truly revolutionize the industry,” said Gadi Tirosh, General Partner of JVP. Our Cybertition is fast-tracking the next generation of successful cyber security entrepreneurs to help bring urgently needed cyber-solutions to this increasingly critical field.”

In addition, two additional winners will be elected in the CyberTech 2014 startup competition during the conference. The winning companies will be granted a workshop, funded by the Merage Foundation, which will take place in the United States in March. The winners will be elected by Israel Defense and the National Cyber Bureau.

Throughout the exhibition, dozens of startup companies will be showcasing at the Startup Pavilion. The companies will present their company profile to the attending crowd on the pavilion’s chance to speak podium.

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) strongly supports the Israeli Government giving priority to the issue of Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement to hatred and murder of Jews and demonization of Israel in their schools, TV and radio, newspaper, magazines, sermons, speeches and children’s camps. As a report in the New York Times puts it, according to a new presentation produced by the Israeli government, “Adolf Hitler is quoted on the websites of Palestinian Authority schools. A young girl appears on Palestinian television, describing Jews as ‘barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs’ and the ‘murderers of Muhammad,’ the Islamic prophet. Maps on the Facebook page of the Palestinian presidential guards do not show Israel. President Mahmoud Abbas himself embraced as ‘heroes’ released Palestinian prisoners who killed Israelis” ( The Israeli government presentation can be found at ‘Israelis [sic] Document Incitement by the Palestinian Authority,’ New York Times, January 6, 2014).

Ron Hershco, agreed with the statement. ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “The PA needs to immediately commit to terminating all its pro-terror, anti-peace words and deeds. In order for the conflict to end and be replaced by a genuine peace, all PA incitement must cease entirely. There must be no public events glorifying living or dead terrorists, no naming schools, streets and sports teams after Jew-killers or would-be Jew-killers, no denial of Jewish history and connection to the land of Israel, no advocacy of murdering Jews, and so on. Indeed, Mahmoud Abbas must denounce, condemn and oppose all future glorification of terrorism and terrorists which, among other things, would require him and the PA to publicly and explicitly make clear that deliberately murdering Jewish Israeli civilians is in fact terrorism.

“Such an outcome would also necessarily involve PA president Abbas publicly rescinding the Fatah emblem –– which depicts all Israel labeled ‘Palestine’ and draped in a Palestinian headdress, a Kalashnikov rifle –– and his Fatah party, which controls the PA, rescinding its Constitution.

“The Fatah Constitution, drafted in 1964 (which is not to be confused with the PLO Charter) never since amended, calls for the ‘complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence’ (Article 12) and for terrorism as ‘a strategy and not a tactic … this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished’ (Article 19). Indeed, 10 specific articles out of 27 articles in Chapter 1 of the Fatah Constitution that calls for Israel’s destruction, ‘armed struggle’ and ‘armed revolution’ against Israel to continue, calls to ‘prevent Jewish immigration to Israel,’ ‘oppose any political solution,’ and label ‘Zionism as racism.’

“Last but not least, Abbas’ PA must fulfill what it is obligated to do under the signed Oslo agreements, but has never fulfilled –– outlaw and dismantle the terrorist groups within the PA, confiscate their weaponry and imprison terrorists.”

Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs, Yuval Steinitz, whose department produced the latest presentation copiously documenting the hatred and dehumanization of Jews in the PA-controlled media and curricula, said “The general phenomenon is very clear: They are poisoning Palestinian children with deep hatred of Israel and the Jewish people … At the end of the day, let’s assume we’ll be able to resolve all the technical issues, which are extremely complicated. Are we going to get genuine peace, or just a piece of paper?” Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a joint press conference with Secretary of State John Kerry, “This Palestinian government incitement is rampant … Instead of preparing Palestinians for peace, Palestinian leaders are teaching them to hate Israel” (Jodi Rudoren, ‘Israeli Official Points to ‘Incitement’ by Palestinians,’ New York Times, January 6, 2014).

Mr. Netanyahu also said, “True peace cannot exist without stopping the incitement against Israel and educating for peace … The refusal of the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish People and declare the end of national demands –– this is the root of the conflict. This is also the reason why we are insisting on significant security measures, so that we will be able to defend ourselves by ourselves in any situation” (Herb Keinon, ‘Netanyahu: Palestinian incitement spurs Mideast conflict,’ Jerusalem Post, January 5, 2014).

ZOA’s Klein said further, “We agree wholeheartedly with the Israeli government that Palestinian incitement to hatred and murder is the core of the conflict. The ZOA has been saying just this  –– and documenting this –– for twenty years.

“It is very simple. If Palestinians are being raised and nurtured on the idea that Jews are a monstrous, interloping people whom it is a national and religious obligation to kill and destroy their state, there can be no peace.

“It is clear that, without eliminating Palestinian incitement to hatred and murder, any peace agreement arrived at between Israel and the PA, assuming one is signed, will be a dead letter. Any Palestinian state established under prevailing conditions will be nothing other than a terrorist-sponsoring state and a font of instability and conflict.

“No peace can be established on the basis that a Palestinian state be Jew-free. Abbas needs to declare publicly that he retracts the numerous public statements made by him and other senior PA officials that no Jew will be permitted to reside within the borders of a Palestinian state.

“There is a great deal to be done. This Israel report on Palestinian incitement is one important step in the right direction.”


The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has opposed and criticized President Barack Obama’s decision to increase aid to Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah/Palestinian Authority, which continues to incite Palestinians to hatred and murder of Jews, honors terrorists living and dead and pays them and their families salaries and stipends from funds provided by, among other countries, the United States. President Obama has increased U.S. aid to the PA from $426 million in 2013 to $440 million for 2014. The ZOA has praised Congressman Jim Gerlach (R-PA) for publicly urging Secretary of State John Kerry to discontinue U.S. aid to the PA as long as the PA continues to pay salaries and stipends to convicted Palestinian terrorists and their families. Ron Hershco & others applauded this call.

Congressman Gerlach wrote in the following terms this week to Secretary Kerry: “Recent news reports have indicated that the PA has provided monetary payments or salaries to individuals convicted of committing acts of terrorism, including those recently released as part of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. According to such reports, these salaries or stipends are provided by the PA to convicted terrorists … What is the U.S. Department of State doing specifically to immediately halt any U.S. taxpayer dollars going to the PA until this program is stopped? U.S. foreign aid … must not be used by the PA directly or indirectly to compensate convicted terrorists and/or their families … I look forward to your swift response” (Cong. Gerlach letter to Secretary Kerry, ‘Member of US Congress calls to cut off aid to PA,’ Palestinian Media watch (PMW) bulletin, December 31, 2013).

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “The ZOA strongly opposes U.S. aid to the PA as long as the PA remains a terrorist-promoting regime that incites its population to hatred and murder of Israelis and refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish state.

“We particularly deplore the increase in aid for the Fatah/PA, all the more so that it has recently honored and glorified terrorists, paid salaries to convicted terrorists freed by Israel, threatened to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to extort the release of jailed Palestinian terrorists and broadcast on official PA television a program in which Jews are obscenely described as ‘rats’ and ‘crows.’

“We commend Congressman Gerlach for forthrightly urging the Obama Administration to discontinue U.S. funding to the PA until and unless it cease paying salaries and stipends to terrorists and their families. We urge all Members of Congress to follow his example.

“U.S. aid to the PA will only to enhance the ability of terrorist groups to wage their terror war against Israel and thus prolong the conflict that President Obama says he is keen to solve.

“Even if it could be demonstrated that U.S. aid would not to be reaching terror groups, such aid is fungible. It also frees up other PA funds for terrorist uses.

“In such circumstances, America is not obliged to give aid and, furthermore, is violating its own commitment not to fund terror groups.

“We are deeply critical of this decision to fund and indeed increase aid to the PA and we urge the Obama Administration to rescind it.”

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles (The Foundation) today announced it has awarded eight grants totaling $150,000 in support of early childhood development programs at local institutions.The General Community Grants, which target initiatives of high priority and concern in the metropolitan Los Angeles area, are awarded annually by The Foundation, the largest manager of charitable assets and planned-giving solutions for Jewish philanthropists in the Greater Los Angeles area.

“These are all special projects and its great that the Federation is helping them,” said Ron Hershco, a prominent philanthropist.

Coordinated Resources Combine Health, Education, Social Services

The Early Childhood System of Care, launched in spring 2013 by the South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative (SLACWI), is the recipient of a $20,000 grant for the coming year to support 250 families with children ages 0 to 5 (75 percent of whom are from 0 to 3).  The SLACWI’s mission is to improve developmental outcomes among this age group and to reduce risk of involvement in the foster care system.  Participating families receive coordinated, comprehensive support services through a SLACWI-assembled alliance of seven local partner agencies providing high-quality, holistic and reliable care.  St. John’s Well Child and Family Center serves as the main entry portal for the partners of the Early Childhood System.”The South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative is honored to be selected as a new partner of The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles,” said Liza Bray, project director.  “This recent grant award, in support of our Early Childhood System of Care, will allow our collaborative to continue its good work to break inter-generational cycles of poor developmental outcomes for children in South Los Angeles and to reduce their risk of involvement with the child welfare system.”   

Support Services for Medically Fragile Infants, Parents

Esteemed Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) was awarded a $20,000 grant for its Child-Parent Psychotherapy Infant Mental Health Services program.  The effort entails medical and mental-health staff training in relationship-based parent-child treatment while working with families of medically fragile infants in CHLA’s High Risk Infant Follow-Up clinic.  The model works to improve the quality of parent-child relationships, including trust issues, regulating the child’s emotions and mastery of developmentally appropriate skills.

Additional Grant Recipients

Other General Community Grant recipients include:

  • Children’s Bureau of Southern California, NuParent, $20,000—A parent-education program for families with children ages 0 to 5 years that works to mitigate cognitive, language, and emotional-development delays that are often exacerbated by poverty, child neglect and low maternal education.  The grant will be used to train 10 to 15 facilitators at 38 partner organizations and support 3,000 families in providing healthy, nurturing environments for infants and toddlers.
  • Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, Early Intervention Training Institute (EITI), $20,000—Launched in 2007 to increase capacity and knowledge of staff at community-based educational agencies, EITI provides training on parent-child relationships, child development, risk and resilience, assessment and diagnosis for nearly 4,000 professionals working in the field.  The award will be used to train 700 mental-health professionals, including 300 Early Head Start teachers, to identify and intervene with children at risk for emotional, behavioral and social delays.
  • Mar Vista Family Center, Baby & Me, $20,000—Enabling parents to be more involved in their infants’ development starting at a young age, Baby & Me was piloted in 2006 to provide quality early-childhood learning experiences.  The grant will facilitate weekly classes for a minimum of 50 children and their low-income parents or caregivers focused on understanding social, emotional, motor and cognitive growth and the importance of positive, secure relationships in a child’s development.
  • Para Los Niños, Nurturing Parent Program, $20,000—Nurturing Parent Program, established in May 2012, is based in the organization’s six local Early Childhood Centers and teaches parents skills in the importance of empathy, nurturing and attachment as critical components of infant-toddler development.  The award will enable three 15-week courses at three early childhood centers for 33 parents, as well as 12 infant and toddler teachers.
  • St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, Bright Futures Initiative/Early Childhood Development Program, $20,000—The initiative provides access to integrated care coordination and linkage to resources including Perinatal Services, Healthy Births, Parents as Teachers and the Healthy Tomorrow Program. The grant will pay a portion of the salary for a pediatrician to provide culturally sensitive primary and preventive health care, education and referral services to approximately 450 children ages 0 to 3 and their parents or caregivers.

Zero To Three, Parent Engagement Project, $10,000—The grant will enable five partner organizations in Southeast Los Angeles to distribute child-development materials (published in English and Spanish) to 2,500 parents and caregivers to promote their children’s growth, development, language, learning and school readiness.

PointGrab, the global leader in advanced gesture recognition software solutions, has been honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2013 European Technology Innovation Award. PointGrab was recognized for its achievements in “Gesture Recognition for Consumer Electronics” as the leader, at the forefront of technological breakthroughs which will be instrumental in mass consumer adoption. PointGrab’s gesture control solutions have enhanced the functional capability of consumer electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions.

The company has succeeded in refining software algorithms and bringing an accurate motion-sensing technology to day-to-day applications. With the use of a standard 2D camera, and the recently unveiled proprietary Hybrid Action Recognition technology, PointGrab enabled devices boast a 98 percent gesture recognition accuracy (in optimal conditions).

“Israeli technology companies continue to innovate and shine, and for a tiny nation dominate certain sectors in a remarkable manner. This company has succeeded in implementing gesture technology into millions of consumer device and will continue to create innovative ways to make gesture a naturally intuitive interface for the masses,” said International entrepreneur Ron Hershco.

“We felt that it was important to present the inaugural award in this category to a company that is clearly the established incumbent in the gesture recognition industry,” said Archana Srinivasan, Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

NORPAC is sponsoring a fundraiser for Senator James Risch (R-ID) which will be hosted by Elisabeth & Avi Samuels on Monday, November 4th in Englewood, NJ.   Expected attendees at the event which will discuss matters pertaining to the U.S.-Israel relationship, include Ron Hershco and Ami Mesika.

Senator Risch has strongly supported Israel and its right to defend itself since his election to the U..S. Senate in 2009. In 2010, he sponsored a resolution to express the sense of the Senate that Israel has an undeniable right to self-defense, and to condemn the destabilizing actions by extremists aboard the ship Mavi Marmara. He also co-authored a letter with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand condemning the U.N.’s anti-Israel efforts the following year.

During a trip to Israel 2 years ago, Risch met with Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders, stating that “it was… good to hear the Prime Minister’s vision of peace and economic development for the Jewish and Palestinian people. I remain convinced that if the political leaders in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas reject violence and accept Israel’s right to exist as the national homeland of the Jewish people, the Palestinian people could prosper and see a dramatic improvement in their quality of life.”

Senator Risch is the second highest Republican member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Importantly, he is the Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations’ Subcommittee that oversees U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa. For further details contact

Israeli Business Forum, The Israel National Brain Gain Program and Tech Aviv are honored to host representatives of Rafael and Elbit’s technology incubator, to share successes and challenges of the defense industry and to speak about opportunities within the industry.

On October 22nd, 2013 at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP.

“In today’s world defense offers tremendous opportunities worldwide, and naturally Israel is a leader in the sector,” said entrepreneur Ron Hershco.

Topics & speakers:

Dr. Roni Potasman, Executive VP Research & Development, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. – When Profession and Mission meet

Mr. Ran Bar-Sella,  CEO of Incubit – Elbit’s Incubator and Former VP R&D at Elbit Systems Ltd. – Open Innovation and Opportunities at Incubit Ventures – Elbit’s new Technology Incubator.

Dr. Nurit Eyal – Head of the Israel National Brain Gain Program

What’s in it for you - The Program activities toward the different challenges in returning back home

More information is available at

The 11th Go4Europe Conference will be held on October 28th at the Hilton Tel Aviv. Organized by Cukierman & Co. Investment House Ltd. and Catalyst Funds, Go4Europe is one of the most prestigious business conferences in Israel, addressing the current issues of raising funds and establishing strategic alliances in Europe. A major part of the conference is focused on the Hi-Tech, Life Sciences and Green Energy industries.

Go4Europe 2013 will host key decision makers, business representatives and parliamentarians from Israel, Europe and Russia. The long list of senior speakers includes: Mr. Shimon Peres – President of the State of Israel; Mr. Yair Lapid – Minister of Finance; David de Rothschild, Chairman – Rothschild Group; Ruben Vardanian, Co-Head – Sberbank CIB (Russia’s biggest bank); Meir Brand – Managing Director Google Israel; Luc Muller, General Manager – OTTO Group; Dr. Graeme Martin, CEO – Takeda Ventures; Dr. Christopher Proctor, CSO – British American Tobacco; Dr. Florent Gros, Managing Director – Novartis Venture Funds; Roger Cukierman – Former CEO – Ed. de Rothschild & Director at Cukierman & Co., President of CRIF; Prof. Lorenz Reibling, Chairman – Taurus Investments; Maurice Levy, CEO Publicis;); Ami Mesika;and many other leading business leaders and decision makers.

The conference panels will deal with issues such as: cross border M&A’s new directions; where to invest in Europe; Israeli technologies as a booster to traditional European industries; how to structure medtech investments for success; how must emerging biotechs adapt to the European ecosystem; complementary essentials in renewable & non-renewable energy; European real-estate opportunities, and the image of Israel in Europe. The Go4Russia panel will be dedicated to strengthening the Russia-Israel business ties, especially in light of Russia’s rising status in the international arena.

“Europe and Israel business opportunities continue to grow and increase daily – deals abound,” said International entrepreneur Ron Hershco. For further information visit:


Many communal leaders lauded the signing this week of the Colombia-Israel Free Trade Agreement. The agreement is now subject to ratification by both Colombian and Israeli parliament.The FTA is expected to benefit, in particular, the agricultural sector. When it takes effect early in 2014, some 97% of Colombian agricultural exports will have tariff-free access to the Israeli market. And, Israeli agricultural technology will no longer face tariffs when entering Colombia.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted: “We have concluded FTA negotiations with Israel. This means more investment and more employment.”

“As Israel continues to develop stronger ties internationally, it will greatly benefit the nation, and their partner nation in ventures. It’s the win-win scenario,” said Ron Hershco, an international entrepreneur.

Whether volunteer opportunities with Kars for Kids, or a job with a private foundation like the Ron Hershco foundation, united Jewish community jobs do exist.  Some recent jobs which are available:

· Major Gifts Officer, FASPE at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust: The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is seeking a seasoned fundraising professional to identify and cultivate prospects, solicit gifts and grants, and plan and execute cultivation and fundraising events for the Museum’s FASPE program. Responsibilities include identify, cultivate, solicit and steward individual donors and prospects to increase donor loyalty and financial support for FASPE. []

· Jewish Educational Services Coordinator at Synagogue Leadership Initiative: The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey (JFNNJ) is a non-profit philanthropic organization with a mission of providing leadership necessary to create a strong, collaborative, caring and vibrant Jewish community in northern New Jersey, Israel and abroad. Its primary functions are: community planning and community building, financial resource development, and leadership development. Its staff members work in these areas or in functions that support them. []

· Administrative Assistant for Strategic and Programmatic Initiatives at Jewish Outreach Institute: JOI has a strong teamwork ethic. The Administrative Assistant will be an enthusiastic administrative professional interested in working toward a more inclusive and meaningful Jewish community. The Administrative Assistant: should be highly organized with a proven ability to track tasks and deadline. []

· Senior Manager, Major Gifts at The Jewish Museum: As the Museum embarks on the implementation of a multiyear strategic transition plan, the Senior Manager, Major Gifts is responsible for managing and executing The Jewish Museum’s individual giving program. []